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Hey there … I am writing for CGD!

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 Share on TumblrHello there, Well if you have come to my blog looking for me, don’t fret. I am here, just not “here”. I am writing for the award winning blog, Career Girl Daily, and my schedule has not allowed me the time to update my own blog. I have been super busy launching a private label brand for Eleanor… Read more →

Hello Fresh is my new Chef!

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 Share on TumblrI am in love with Hello Fresh! If you haven’t tried this amazing made-to-measure meal delivery service than you are simply bound in the woods without access to civility. Yes, even if you are a great cook, this service just adds to your repertoire. A week ago, I decided I needed an easy way to try new recipes… Read more →

Pull down the shades

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Funny thing happens when you are chilling in your private space, catching up on your fashion and lifestyle magazines while attempting to relax the mind – you get an idea. Yep, as I was perusing my fashion mags I noticed that nearly every editorial was about one thing – sunglasses. Sunglasses are the new LBT this summer so choose your signature pair and rock them till the sun goes down.

I have chosen my top seven looks, along with a few morphology tips (that means what shape of shades best frame your gorgeous face). Enjoy.

Oval Faces
You pretty much have the perfect shape for any type of sunshades. (I feel hate brewing.)
To enhance your personality: go for round if you want to look young; or rectangle for the boss lady in you.

Triangle Faces
Girls like us need to create balance for a beautiful look.
Rectangular or oval frames which are not to high on the face are perfect. Avoid large frames as they will overwhelm the face.

Round Faces
To smooth out some of the roundness choose geometrical or stretched shapes such as butterfly frames.

Square Faces
Soften your look with narrow frames such as ovals, rounds and cat eyes. Keep in the mind, the width of your frames should be narrower than the face. Aviators look marvelous on you.

(Click on the sunglasses to find out which style it is and to which designer we owe the pleasure.)

What’s on your Bucket list?

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 Share on TumblrThe everyday, everything, every where bag. If you don’t have at least one in your handbag stash, then I will have to officially delete you from the handbag club. Really! Therefore if you need to update your look or check off ‘add a bucket bag to my handbag collection’ then check out these bags I found on sale.… Read more →